First Gloranthan Render


This is the first Orlanthi sculpt we have created. It’s of a 28mm Orlanthi warrior wearing scale  armour and armed with sword and shield. You can see the runes on his armour and shield, everything he needs to be fast in combat.

The miniature is based on this illustration.orlanthi_sketch

This Orlanthi Warrior will come as a three piece cast in metal.  This is part of 10 Orlanthi we will be doing initially. You can see how the parts go together below. We are hoping to do the Alynx to go with him soon.


New Partnership for Gloranthan Miniatures and Skirmish Wargames Rules

Posted by Michael O’Brien on

Chaosium and Dishdash Games today announced a business partnership to create a new range of 28mm Miniatures themed for Greg Stafford’s mythic setting Glorantha.

The initial range launches early next year with a set of 28mm Orlanthi metal miniatures. From then the range will build quickly, supporting the release of the new edition of RuneQuest. Future sets will include Uz (trolls) Lunars, Sun Dome Templars, Chaos and many other Gloranthan favourites.

The new miniatures will also be supported with a set of skirmish wargames rules, capturing the exciting feel and nature of combat in the world of Glorantha.

Dishdash Games has become a byword in creating new and exciting lines of miniatures in the last three years. They are best known for their award­-winning zombie apocalypse game Skirmish RAGERS, which was awarded “Best Miniatures Game of 2016” at the d-Infinity Independent Games Awards, and Skirmish Sangin, their groundbreaking modern wargames rules and miniatures lines.

Announcing the new deal Rick Meints, President of Chaosium said: “We have known Colin, the owner of Dishdash Games, from the early days of Moon Design Publications. He’s been an avid Glorantha fan for more than 30 years. We’ve been admiring Dishdash’s award-winning work, and knew Colin would be the right person to help bring the personality of Glorantha to miniatures and wargaming.”

Colin Phillips, Founder and Owner of Dishdash Games said: “As a long time Glorantha fan and contributor I have always wanted to create a range of Gloranthan miniatures,. With this partnership with Chaosium, Dishdash Games has been given the opportunity to produce a fantasy range of 28mm miniatures and to use our deep knowledge of skirmish wargaming to create a ruleset bringing all the magic and excitment of Gloranthan combat to the wargames table.”

The Orlanthi box set is scheduled for a February 2017 release.