Skirmish Sangin

Modern Skirmish Wargames rules
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SKIRMISH SANGIN is a tabletop skirmish game where players control opposing forces, either modern western military forces (ISAF) or insurgent militias that do battle everyday in the modern war for Afghanistan. Inside this book you will find:
  • Simple, fast combat rules that enable furious tabletop skirmish battles
  • Information and rules for creation of professional and insurgent forces
  • A full array of modern weapons and armour for both sides
  • Rules for off table support ranging from snipers to heavy weapon platoons, fast air and helicopters
  • A game that plays as easily with two people as it does for multi-player games.
  • A set of rules that provides an intense and compelling tabletop game regardless of whether you field four figures per side or forty.


  • “I do like this game as it is one of the few modern rulesets out there that does a pretty good job of emulating modern combat.”


  • “The way Skirmish Sangin has been written with its narrative-based play certainly makes it unlike any other game on the market. If you want a modern-period skirmish game, it is worth picking up a copy. You won’t be disappointed…”

    Paul Burkin
    Wargames Soldiers & Strategy (Issue 66)