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Bring the frantic action, the individual heroics and the weapons of modern-day combat to your tabletop with Ultracombat Modern. This 250-page book allows a player, to choose to play at the Platoon level, Squad level or Fireteam level.


These rules are an easy to play, fast-paced, set of wargames rules for depicting the harsh realities of conflict as it occurs in modern warfare. 


The system allows players to select the scale of the conflict they wish to represent. This means the rules work for small tactical Special Forces style games up to more substantial Platoon based combat. Its essentially three rules sets in one.


Players are rewarded for using modern tactics, can call in off-table assets and field vehicles up to and including even the most effective Main Battle Tanks (MBT). Ultracombat Modern provides players with everything they need to recreate 20th and 21st-century conventional warfare conflicts, whether real or imagined.

Ultracombat Modern

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