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ULTRACOMBAT: NORMANDY hardback book and PDF is an easy, fast-paced set of squad-level skirmish wargames rules for depicting the frenetic close-ranged combat that occurred during the Normandy Campaign of World War II.


The system puts players in command of up to a platoon of battle-hardened infantry supported with tanks, AT guns, and devastating heavy weapons.

Ultracombat Normandy

    • Forces are built in elements, so players can play the real tactics of the day like Scouting, Suppressive Fire, and Fire and Movement
    • Command is an integral part of the game at all levels with Officers and NCO’s making a real difference to the troops under their command
    • Real ranges of weapons so measuring on the battlefield is kept to an absolute minimum
    • Our unique card-based system gives players a tactical advantage in play, knowing when to use your elements experience to their best advantage is easy to learn but difficult to master
    • Five complete scenarios that teach the players the rules through gameplay
    • From the publisher of Skirmish Sangin, the breakthrough game system for skirmish-level present-day wargaming hailed for its unique style, sophisticated gameplay, and extreme realism
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