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Skirmish Ragers



We are currently on holiday from 15 August to 25 August (NZ Time). We will do our best to deal with orders as they come in through this time but as we will be on a pacific island with a limited internet connection we ask for your patience during this time.


Those marvellous people at Decisive Operations, Dan and Pete, have posted another playthrough video for Ultracombat Normandy. Take a look guys its well worth it.

Ultracombat Normandy is now available

ULTRACOMBAT: NORMANDY is an easy, fast-paced set of squad-level skirmish wargames rules for depicting the frenetic close-ranged combat that occurred during the Normandy Campaign of World War II. The system puts players in command of up to a platoon of battle-hardened infantry supported with tanks, AT guns, and devastating heavy weapons.

Here is a playthrough video, that should help you learn the rules.


NEW – Independent playthrough video from Daniel Warner of Decisive Operations
Daniel Warner has released this a playthrough he doesn’t get everything right in the play through but then again who does… great to see and thanks heaps Daniel.


Normandy Infantry cards are now available
These 52 card decks one each for both Allied and Axis forces you can check them out in the store. We will be following these up with armoured decks shortly.

CANCON buyers
We did find a number of errors in the hardback books after CANCON which we have corrected as much as we can in a new PDF version. As we use print-on-demand all books post CANCON used a different file. If you were at CANCON and would like us to send you a free PDF, just contact colin@basetwo.co.nz with a selfie of you with the Normandy book and we will send you the latest copy ASAP. We apologise for the issue but unfortunately, it didn’t come to light until after the event.

All serving or retired Armed forces personnel get a 10% discount off all our products, please contact us before placing an order, using the general enquiry dropdown and we can make sure you get your discount.


“My Gaming friends and I are established fans of the skirmish Sangin games. If you already play Skirmish Sangin, you will definitely want to buy this book. ( Its cheap too.) And if you don’t play Skirmish Sangin, why not give it a try?”

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